Continued Education for Advanced Cosometology

When you work as a professional in the beauty industry, you have so many career options to consider. After cosmetologist training, you can work as a makeup artist, stylist, nail tech, esthetician, and as another beautician related creative.

To work in many of these roles, you must typically earn your professional beauty license in a relevant area to meet state requirements. Once you earn your license, you aren’t off the hook.

In addition to providing your renewal application and fees by a particular deadline, you may have to take cosmetology continuing education classes to keep your license active. Continuing education can even be a part of cosmetology teacher requirements.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered when it comes to finding CEUs in your area!


Trichology is the branch of dermatology that deals with the scientific study of the health of hair and scalp.

Trichologists are hair and scalp specialists (one type of skin specialist) who diagnose the causes of hair fall, hair breakage, hair thining, miniaturization of hairs, diseases of the scalp, and treat according to cause.

Founder by Dr. D.M. Cleveland 

Created by D. M. Cleveland a native of Los Angeles holds a master in Health Sciences and a PhD. in Psychology from Sheffield State University developed D.M Steps for women to address has dedicated individuals who make up the board  core staff 

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